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Tacx Update: Tacx NEO 2 SE Explainer, and Tacx Smart Bike Tidbits

DC Rainmaker | 22.1.2021

Today’s post is going to combine two totally unrelated Tacx things into a single post, because nothing says Friday better than new consolidation. First up I’ve got a quick explainer on the mysterious Tacx NEO 2 SE trainer (because no, …

Zwift Rolls Out Steering to Wahoo KICKR Smart Bike

DC Rainmaker | 22.1.2021

Tonight’s Zwift update has enabled steering for the Wahoo KICKR Bike (which are actually in-stock these days). This long awaited step finally makes it possible to use all features of Zwift in one of the most expensive smart bikes in …

Let’s Talk Security Tech About President Biden’s Peloton Bike

DC Rainmaker | 20.1.2021

Over the last week there’s been a surprising amount of concerned speculation that President Biden would be unable to take his apparently beloved Peloton Bike to the White House, citing security concerns. The reason is that the Peloton Bikes contain...

Suunto Movescount Begins Final Shutdown on Tuesday

DC Rainmaker | 20.1.2021

There are few sports tech stories that have longer plot lines than a Netflix series – but the turndown of Suunto’s once flagship online platform is giving Game of Thrones a run for its money. But, to quote arguably factually …

Wahoo Further Clarifies Canyon/Trek/Giant KICKR Incompatibilities with New Adapter

DC Rainmaker | 20.1.2021

If there’s anything the internet is good at, it’s sleuthing through imagery to find inconsistent details. Last month when Wahoo and Canyon casually dropped a support update out saying that the Canyon Ultimate CF frames (specifically the rim brake...

The Determined Zwift Badge Hunter

Slowtwitch.com | 20.1.2021

Josh Hageman currently has 143 known Zwift badges to his name and is ready for any new ones to come, but he finds challenges in many other places too.

Formula SpeedLock

Slowtwitch.com | 19.1.2021

How we all, in triathlon, don't know about this product is a mystery. But I know about it now, and so now will you.

HOKA One One Carbon X 2

Slowtwitch.com | 19.1.2021

HOKA has gained confidence in how it makes shoes, and that is evident in the Carbon X 2.

Lucy Charles-Barclay Moves to CUBE Bicycles

Slowtwitch.com | 19.1.2021

Fan favorite and three-time Kona runner-up Lucy Charles-Barclay moves to CUBE, and to DT Swiss and Schwalbe

COROS Rolls Out Update Adding Waypoint Navigation: Hands-on

DC Rainmaker | 18.1.2021

COROS has begun rolling out a new firmware update today that adds in more exacting time splits for certain sports, as well as a new waypoints-like feature for outdoor route navigation. In addition, the running track mode now supports structured ̷...

Stages adds ANT+ Bike Lights Support, Suunto 7 Firmware Update, and Zwift Large Event Update

DC Rainmaker | 15.1.2021

We’ve got three notable updates going into the weekend that are worthy of a quick chat. Plus one more that might drop sometime over the weekend, maybe Monday. We’ll see. But for now, we’ve got some notable news in the …

F3 FormMount: one mount to rule them all?

Slowtwitch.com | 15.1.2021

If there is one computer/light/camera mounting system that can do it all, this is probably it.

My Favorite $8 Zwift Apple TV Accessory

DC Rainmaker | 14.1.2021

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last few years, it’s that y’all really like hearing about my favorite inexpensive accessories. Be it the $8 Garmin charging pucks or the indoor cycling desk that’s half the price of Wahoo’s – R...

Google Completes Acquisition of Fitbit: Analysis of What It Means

DC Rainmaker | 14.1.2021

More than a year after Google first announced their planned acquisition of Fitbit, it’s finally complete. Or at least, complete from the legal standpoint. The real work actually begins now, of figuring out how to integrate the two companies and ...

GoPro Labs 2021 New Features For Hero 9, Hero 8, Hero 7 and Max

DC Rainmaker | 13.1.2021

For pretty much the second time in GoPro’s history, they just new added camera features to significantly older cameras – in this case, the Hero 7 in particular (the other time was the GoPro webcam mode). You may remember last …

Update on the 2021 Race Season

Slowtwitch.com | 12.1.2021

Here are notes on the 2021 triathlon season after interviewing and surveying race organizers and others.

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