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Tour de Suisse Goes Digital: A Look at The Biggest Esports Cycling Race To Date

DC Rainmaker | 24.4.2020

Over the past few days, and over the coming days, Rouvy is hosting the Digital Swiss 5. That confusingly named event is basically the digital version of the Tour de Suisse (Tour of Switzerland), one of the major pro cycling …

Hammerhead Announces Plans to Announce Karoo 2 Bike GPS

DC Rainmaker | 24.4.2020

It looks like at some point in the year 2020 we’ll have at least one more cycling GPS added to your table of options. This week Hammerhead, in conjunction with one of their lead investors, announced plans for their next …

Update on the RUNN Treadmill Sensor

Slowtwitch.com | 24.4.2020

I tested two things: does it work on curved treadmills? And just how accurate is this device?

Addaday's Lesson on Percussion

Slowtwitch.com | 23.4.2020

Dr. Mike provides insight on the benefits and misconceptions of percussion therapy.

Polar Grit X - trailový "sekáč" - recenze

Polar donedávna velmi dobře tajil příchod nového modelu hodinek. Bohužel díky Covid-19 se oddálilo uvedení na trh a tak informace pomalu začaly prosakovat. Pozitivní je ale to, že Polar měl aspoň dost ...

Polar Grit X GPS Watch In-Depth Review

DC Rainmaker | 22.4.2020

The Polar Grit X is the companies newest watch, focused on trail running, but also still a full featured multisport watch. I dive into all the details from accuracy to new features and plenty more.

Tacx NEO Bike Long Term Review

Slowtwitch.com | 22.4.2020

Here is everything good, and everything less good, about one of the industry leading products of 2020

A Look at NormaTec's PULSE 2.0

Slowtwitch.com | 22.4.2020

Is a pneumatic compression system the recovery tool for you?

Getting Started with Ironman VR

Slowtwitch.com | 22.4.2020

IRONMAN has stepped into the virtual racing arena with their new IRONMAN VR race series. What do you need to participate? Let's find out!

Yes, You Can Change Your Smart Trainer to 12-speed

Slowtwitch.com | 21.4.2020

Here's the cost and the process to migrate almost any smart trainer from 11sp to 12sp.

This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: Exploring Watopia

Slowtwitch.com | 21.4.2020

All but one event this week takes place in Zwift's original virtual world.

To Erg Or Not To Erg

Slowtwitch.com | 21.4.2020

I wrote this about the same time that a thread - "Why you need to quit ERG mode..." - appeared on our forum. I didn't write it in response that thread; it was just a happy coincidence. This is the much longer version of the answer I gave in there.

Vision Trimax Carbon SI 013

Slowtwitch.com | 21.4.2020

Vision adds options for your aero position by process of elimination â€" of the integrated stem. We check out their latest aerobar.

Saris MP1 Platform

Slowtwitch.com | 21.4.2020

There is one product for stationary that is different than any other.

Every Thursday, it's Jimmie's Day

Slowtwitch.com | 21.4.2020

Jimmie Will Richey has developed a cult Zwift following while leading Thursday's Hilly Vanilli D Group.

Slowtwitch's Scope of Recovery

Slowtwitch.com | 18.4.2020

Swim, Bike, Run, Recover. We're taking a look at triathlon's fourth discipline over the next few weeks.

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